Lloyd's Calculator

Lloyd’s Accumatic Calculator. Model 320. Made in Japan.

Lloyd's Calculator

Found this beast when tidying up under a desk. I particularly like the burnt orange to beige to sienna brown colour combo. Very swank.

This is the fifth calculator featured on Project Obso. I count the slide rule as well as the Dalton adding machine.

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Lloyd's Calculator

Not surprisingly dusty.

Status: Pretty sure this is a Mr.OP garage sale find. It still works, so that makes it harder to convince him it must go. The sea monster has enough power now.

Kill-ratio: 19:2 / ~10:1

(pix with captions don’t count towards ratio)

Alt-title: Untitled Found Object No. 320 for 204 calculations.

The usual thanks to John and Richard for kicking off these uncalculated alt titles. And to Ben for the format summary “joke” at the end of posts.