Book Art and Culture

Book – Art and Culture, by the venerable Clement Greenberg. Purchased second hand at the Strand Book store in New York city a few yellow moons ago.

It’s not quite fair to render this as obsolete is it. It’s been about five years since I taught at university (as a sessional) so I can’t say if this book is still taught or not. In fact I couldn’t say it was taught when I was teaching as art history wasn’t my field. I’m sure some of the concepts are resurrected, as so much of that era has been recycled.

Book Art and Culture

Book Art and Culture

Status: Re-read.

Kill-ratio: 18:3/ 6:1

Alt-title: Untitled Book No. 199 for A Cultural Moment.

My status: Pre-posting this. I am probably on a plane right now hopefully enjoying the view.

I steer you towards Ben for the joke format at the end of the post. And, as usual to Richard and John for inspiring this Alt Title vision.