Toy dinosaur

Toy Dinosaur.

Buddy of Day 174. 

They probably don’t like being separated, but it’s too late, I’ve gone on vacation and in a mad rush to shoot as many photographs in advance to keep ProjectObso going I left him at the studio, whereas his pal had already been returned home. Hope he’s not lonely.

Toy dinosaur

Status: Classify. I never learned the various types of dinosaurs that well.

Kill-ratio: 18:2/ 9:1

Alt-title: Fare Thee Well Untitled Monster No. 184

I direct you towards Ben for bar jokes. And, as usual to Richard and John for inspiring this Alt Title obsession. Read John’s post about titles for the initial impetus.

And anyone who knows how to code html will I hope appreciate the alt title sensibility.

p.s. My first pre-scheduled post. I am literally on the road now, perhaps right now driving through a particular strip of land in Newfoundland where the trees and hills prevent cellular reception. My destination will also have no cell connection. I love this interwebs thing.