Miscellaneous collection of coins in Canada Coin Book.

Almost all Canadian coins, mainly silver, mainly quarters, the odd 50 cents or dollar.

Rather a neglected collection.

Coin Holder

Status: Find out value. Sell if above face value.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 / 9:1

Alt-Title: Untitled Book of Coins No. 181 for a Canadian Collector.

p.s. I am posting this from the Calgary airport, en route to the other side of the country, which takes a beastly amount of time (the journey, not the post). I hope to keep this up on a daily basis,  and keep reading other’s posts, the only obstacle may be poor internet access. Oh, and a wave of laziness may overtake me as well.

The usual thanks to Richard and John for inspiring this Alt Title venture. And toBen for the “jokes” format.