toy dinosaur

Toy Dinosaur. One of about 5.

If you stick around, no doubt the rest will make an appearance soon:)

As age goes, this little guy is pretty young amongst all the other obso items (obso in this case being clutter – but of course metaphorically speaking he fits the bill). He’s only about 10 years old. Actually, wait he could have been a garage sale item, so who knews. Maybe he is a little rusty. He sits up above the bathroom light in a row with several other “collectibles”.

Toy Dinosaur

Toy Dinosaur

Status: A bit of a beast to shoot. Re-photograph. And then dust his head.

Kill-ratio: 28:3 / ~9:1

Alt-title: Ode to An Untitled Dinosaur No. 174

I feel there’s a joke here somewhere – “So a dinosaur walks into a bar…” but it’s a sunny day and I must, absolutely must catch some rays before summer disappears.

I direct you towards Ben for bar jokes. And, as usual to Richard and John for inspiring this Alt Title obsession. Read John’s post about titles for the initial impetus.

And anyone who knows how to code html will I hope appreciate the alt title sensibility.