Screenz (patent pending) table top sieve.

Not sure if this petit objet has nefarious purposes or not. Mr. OP purchased a box of stuff at a garage sale and this treasure resided within.

It has the word “Screenz” in a very scripty font on the one side, with pat. pending stamped beside it. I pride myself on my googlitis skills, but a superficial (usually enough) search was unable to find a result.


Status: Borrowed. Find out how old it really is. Is it from the swinging 70s, or did it belong to a dear chemist’s shop in the fabulous 50s? Or is it from the Wall Street era 80s?

Kill-ratio:38: 2 / 19:1
Pesky little object to photograph, it won’t stand up on its own.

Alt-title: Untitled Sieve No. 170 for a pending date with a chemist.

As per usual, a shout-out thanks to Richard, and to John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post gablle, and to Ben for the jokes format.