Book - Encyclopedia of Plants

The Encyclopeadia of Plant Portraits. Compiled by A.G.L. Hellyer, 1953. Original price: 21s net. London, W.H. and L. Collingridge Limited, Transatlantic Arts Incorporated, New York.

I think this is the UK edition because of the price.



Dust jacket exists, in not so fine condition. Pages must have gotten wet at some point, as some are slightly stuck together. They come apart however, with no damage to the images. Of which there are 1,110.

Book Inscription

What interests me is the inscription/signature in the book.


The signature was originally penciled in, with fancier script, and then erased out. The eraser marks and traces of pencil remain.

Book Inscription

Tried to photoshop it to bring up the pencil more.

Status: Another borrowed item. My quest will now be to photograph that inscription page in better light and see if I can reveal the full pencilling underneath.

Kill-ratio: 38:4 ( I don’t count images I caption). ~10:1

Alt-title A: Untitled Signature No. 169 for Harro

Alt-title B: Untitled Book No. 169 for Untitled Plants

“Hey Untitled No. 169, did you see my Untitled Book No. 1100 anywhere, I need to know if that plant I just ate is poisonous  — no rush”

There is a project devoted to book inscriptions.  This one doesn’t truly count towards that project, as it’s only a signature, but the gesture of carefully erasing and then filling out with nice blue ink, using a different style “H” captures my imagination as much as if it were a love letter.

As per usual, a shout-out thanks to Richard, and to John, for inspiring the Alt-Title Untitled post prattle, and to Ben for the jokes format.