Letter Opener

Maori Letter Opener.

Purchased at a garage sale in Ottawa by Mr. OP. What else is there to say about letter openers than I said on Day 99? This one is not as potentially dangerous, although there is something sinister about those eyes. Only one close up photo out of about 18 came out in focus. I want to attribute this to something, but what I don’t know. It was image number 1867, so perhaps I could stretch the suspension of disbelief and make up a story about 1867 and New Zealand. I had a landlord from their once.  In another universe I am phoning him.

Letter Opener

Letter Opener

Status: Not mine to decide. Phew.

Kill-ratio: 35:3 ~12:1

Alt Title:  Ode to An Untitled Letter Opener No. 163

You never liked to get
The letters that I sent.
But now you’ve got the gist
Of what my letters meant.
You’re reading them again,
The ones you didn’t burn.

The Letters, Leonard Cohen.

As usual Untitled Flights of Fancy were originally inspired by John’s blog (read original title post ) and Richard’s posts at The Future is Papier Mache.