Miller's Book of Antiques

Bought this at a local bookstore that was closing. Probably two or three years ago. What’s sad is I can’t remember the name of the store.

I have gleaned many things from this book, but I have not found that any of my vintage/antique treasures are truly treasures. But, hey it’s only the 2007 edition.

Reference books must surely fall solidly into the obsolete category. Yet I do enjoy randomly opening a page and landing upon something obscure and precious.

Miller's book of Antiques

Miller's Book of Antiques

Status: Take a few more stabs at photographing the tops of the pages. Then donate to library. Hopefully they take these types of books.

Kill-ratio: 23:3 ~ 8:1

Alt Title: Untitled Book No. 162 Honoring the Old and Forgotten.

Do not forget old friends
you knew long before I met you
the times I know nothing about
being someone
who lives by himself
and only visits you on a raid.

From “Selected Poems”. Leonard Cohen.

I will not say he is old. I saw him perform 2 years ago and he kept the music going for quite a while. Unlike Madeleine Peyroux, who disdainfully decided to close up early. She is at least 35 years his junior. He puts her to shame. End rant. I still like her songs and voice. Especially her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love and of his Blue Alert.

Untitled Series of Alt titles, jokes and whatnots variously inspired by Richard, John and Ben.