Full spectrum light box for replacing natural sunlight during the winter, or the long rainy season. This one is pretty small and although you feel like it should be working, I can’t offer conclusive evidence that it does. My theory is the device needs to be a lot bigger to work.

I thought the power cord for this was lost, and so it was consigned to the dumpster (after posting of course), but then I found the cord. Must be my successful clearing of all the other cables that were floating about.


Status: The rainy season is just past us (June was the cruelest month, not April) so I should perhaps wait until the Fall and give it one last shot at working. Alternately, might be useful bits for the sea monster. She will be born.

Kill-ratio: 28:2 – 14:1

Alt title: Untitled Ode to Light No. 155*

There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.

Anthem. Leonard Cohen

* Inspired by The Future is Papier Mache’s series of titled posts dedicated to vinyl, which is on Joni Mitchell songs now, I might just start a series of posts with Alt titles that refer to Leonard Cohen songs/poems.

These Alt titles are all part of a loose set of jokes, limericks and Alternate Post Titles dedicated to the Untitled Post. Thanks to Richard (TFIPM) and Notes to the Milkman for the concept.