Rain Boots.

Worn twice. Once in the store, once outside. The scuff marks and dust are simply residue from being stuck in the back of the closet for about two years.

The funny thing is it rains a lot here. Today happened to be glorious, but in all of June we had 40% more precipitation than normal and 68% less sunlight.

The not so funny thing is I can’t really walk in these boots. I convinced myself I could when I bought them, but reality quickly set in the one rainy day I wore them.

Being practically brand new, it’s hard to justify their presence here in obsolescence land, other than as clutter. Yet, where I feel they qualify is they belong to an obsolete version of me.


Status: Donate. Mr. OP was encouraging me to put them on Craigslist, and I did wipe them spotless and then take a few pics. But my heart’s not in it. Off to the sally ann they go.

Kill-ratio: 18:2 or 9:1

Alt Title: These Untitled Boots Were Not Made For Walking.