Book of Mortgage Tables

Comprehensive Mortgage Payment Tables.

The cover is a reliable green. I wonder how deliberate that decision was. Should you feel rich holding the book?
It’s very small, fits in your pocket. Like you need to be carrying around mortgage amortization rates in your pocket.

I got this book second hand from a former boss, a commercial real-estate agent. I think the book is so old he had it 2nd-hand. I deduce this via the penciled price and the fact that the interest ranges go from 7% to 18%. A lot of people would be under the water with a 7% mortgage right now, never mind 18%.

So it’s actually a useful historical document. Good for my next career move.

Book of mortgage tables

At 15.5% on a loan amount of $100,000 you need $1,319.75 per month for a 25 year term.

Book of Mortgage Tables

Status: Undecided. This could be the icebreaker at parties, it fits in a pocket.

Kill-ratio: 28:3 or 9:1

Alternate Title No. 1 : Untitled Book of Death Pledges from 7 to 18%.