Sugar Vessel

Sugar Thingee. Sugar Pourer. Sugar Vessel. Something like that.

Sugar Thingee

A friend brought this to a party I had where I made mulled wine. This was her grandmothers. Somehow it’s still in one of my kitchen drawers, unused since that day. My friend (whom I haven’t seen in person in eons, yet I still call a friend) knows I have this precious item.


Status: Pick up the phone dammit, meet mademoiselle for a coffee and return this treasure.

Kill-ratio: A very challenging object to photograph. In fact, I was going to re-shoot again soon,  but today didn’t allow for time to continue the musical movement series, so I had to find a substitute I’d already photographed and this is it.

~110:2 or 55:1

Untitled Something:

Sugar, oh honey honey
You are my Untitled girl
And you’ve got me wanting you.