Pana-Vue 2

Pana-Vue 2 by View-Master (the same folks who made the View Master I assume).

This object is being kept for dealing with the slides.  To use for a quick preview to see if it’s worth scanning. 132 days later and I haven’t yet found the time to scan them.

I’ve started listening to this audio series (yesterday) which touches upon procrastination. My deadline for all this is September 30th. Hopefully the listening will facilitate the doing.

Pana-Vue 2

This image reminds me of a Dalek. I’ve been watching a lot of Dr. Who lately. Exterminate, exterminate.

Status: Modify into miniature Dalek, a friendly one. Like one who is a clutter buster.

Kill-ratio: 12: 2 or 6:1

Boy really hasty today.

Alternate Untitled Title: Untitled No. 2 Burgeoning Dalek