How To Win and Hold a Husband. Dorothy Dix. 1939.

Sample Chapter Titles:

XII – Lures Men Can’t Resist. Page 88
XVII – “Dont’s” Every Girl Should Know. Page 118
XXVIII – Lift Your Spirits Rather Than Your Face. Page 185
XXXVIII – Is Marriage Outmoded? Page 242

Vintage Book

Although I haven’t read The Rules, I think the gal who wrote it probably stole all her material from this book.

“DON’T be too ready to tell a man you love him. Keep him guessing — and keep him interested. Any girl who faithfully follows these rules can marry any man she chooses”. Page 123

Book Open

This was a gift. And if it had its dust jacket cover, it would probably be valuable. It is valuable to me.

I adore the paper. Paper sucks me in every time. The creaminess, the thickness, the ruffled edge, the binding, the space on the page.

Journalist Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer, aka Dorothy Dix [wikipedia]

Status: Keep.

Kill-Ratio: 2 Takes, lost notes for Take 1.
~33:3 or 11:1

Untitled Joke of the Day: “Miss. Untitled, Do You take Mr. Untitled to to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold…. cause then you get to become Mrs. Untitled”