Rhyming Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary. Pocket Sized.

A delightful gift that has remained unused for a few, okay lots, of years.
Perhaps  all dictionaries, encyclopedias etc as a genre  are ipso facto obsolete?

I found “About” 7,000,000 results (love how they put that About in there – you couldn’t be a tad more precise Missus G00gle?) which boggles the mind. The top few results are all indeed searchable dictionaries.

This one is old. It has a reference to Eisenhower rhyming with Flower.

Rhyming Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary

Status: I always have a tough time with letting go of gifts. And this one promises hours of fun.

Kill-ratio: 33:3 or 11:1

Untitled Jokes stifled by searching for a rhyme for untitled and getting zero results. Zero(!)

Taking off the “un” gave 1 result: Unbridled.

Mr. Untitled got a Bit Unbridled ….

I had a full limerick written, but Mr. O.P. has sensibly banned its publication.