1GB hynix [insert about 80 odd characters here] ram.

Associated with Day 26’s hard drive – both replaced/upgraded at same time on my aging (obsolete?) macbook pro.

The first practical form of random-access memory was the Williams-Kilburn tube starting in 1947. [Wikipedia]

I’m not sure why ram and hard-drives are blue. Of course this is based on a very small sampling of the perhaps 5 hard-drives, and 8 sticks of ram I’ve replaced in the last few years. Maybe non-Apple ones are orange?  I prefer the original black and white.

“A close-up view reveals dots (ones) and spaces (zeroes) on the face of a tube. The bits had to be refreshed before the dots faded, in less than a second.” [Computer History Museum]

To learn more about this beauty visit the Computer History Museum

Status: The sea monster will need extra memory to process all those telegrams.

Kill-ratio: 28:1

Untitled Joke of the Day: “Untitled No 85298588345-x48761 You Forgot Your Keys on the Table”