British Pub Mats + 3

British Pub Mats (+3). Boxed Set. Garage Sale Find From Montreal, QC.

The box says a collectible edition of 25. I counted 28, so 3 slipped in from some other pubs, possibly not British.

Okay, these are not obsolete, in fact, some are unused, but they do fall into that general miasma of clutter that lingers. (For me anyhow, my partner generously lent them to Project Obso’s efforts.)

They’re also “old” – measuring by the interior/exterior of the box which has no website address for the company.

British Pub Mats Box

British Pub Mats

Status: Once again, off the hook, as not mine to decide. I would opt for a Craiglist’s uber find posting.

Kill-ratio: 38:3 or ~13:1

Funny, I gave up the ghost on the Untitled nonsense yesterday, but I find myself missing it.

So one Untitled Joke for the road: “Untitled no.8 You’re Lager’s Getting Warm, Are You Going to Finish That Untitled Brewskie or Shall I?”