One box of contact lenses. New, unopened with case.

Now that I’m turning into a very minor  fitness freak, I need to wear contacts again, because my glasses were being bowed out of shape. When I took them in to the glasses shop, the technician said that the heat from sweating melts the plastic. (Eeew)

So off to the ophthalmologist it was for me. Where I found out my ‘script had changed. So I need an upgrade on the contacts. I haven’t worn contacts in almost 2 years I think. Thus these ones (still)  in the drawer are no good for me.

Why do I include them here? It turns out the contact lens tech said “Oh! What you were wearing before – they don’t make them anymore. They’re all made with silicone now”.

So these are useless, even if my ‘script hadn’t changed and they weren’t close to the expiry date.

Makes you wonder how good they were for the eyes before, why the switch to silicone now. I am only wearing them for sports and when I want to look cool. Contacts literally change the shape of your eye I learned a couple of years back, hence the non-wearing of them.

Status: Discard. Due to expiry date approaching and non-silicone status.

Kill-ratio: 18:1

Variation on Title
: Untitled No. 122 Contacts

Untitled Joke of the Day: “Hey Untitled No.2 Did You Change Your Hair? You Look Different”.

p.s. This week of Untitledness has been a treat, but I fear I must retire it for the time being, running out of jokes. Thanks to Richard and Notes to the Milkman for the Untitled Inspiration and to Ben for the joke format at end of posts.

p.p.s. If anyone’s noticing these little things – I accidentally published this as Day 120, which was the day before yesterday. I also published yesterday’s post as 120. 120 must be on the mind. Fixed.