NYT Natural Foods Cookbook

The New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook by Jean Hewitt.

10th printing so no need to fret over the bashed up cover.

There are some funny recipes in here.

1 apple, cut in half and core removed.”

It goes on to detail how to scrape the side of the spoon and feed it to your baby in a convenient and tidy manner.

For all practical purposes, ie: actually cooking and looking for a recipe, I use two things:

1) The Joy of Cooking cook book (also softcover and dilapidated.  2nd-hand garage sale)


2) iPad (the 1st version – so technically it is close to obsolete).

All the other cookbooks (about 15) are basically obsolete. Including this one. And yet it is so tender, full of delicate illustrations and earnest declarations.

NYT Cookbook

NYT Cookbook

Status: Undecided.

Kill-ratio: 17:3 ~ 6:1

Variations on Title:

Day 121 – New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook.
Untitled No. 121 – Cookbook (I like this one the best but am too lazy to switch now)

Untitled Joke of the Day:  “Untitled No 1. I can’t find the mustard, where did you put it?”

Untitled Nonsense all stems from The Future of Papier Mache’s post which linked to What the Milkman Said. See other jokes starting with Day 116 – Untitled Powder Compact