Portable CD Player

Panasonic Portable CD Player.  Shockware proof.

I’m shocked at the prices being asked for these on Amazon and eBay. Some as low as $10, but other at $64.95! Not so obsolete as I thought.

This is a borrowed obso object. Running low on time and nothing sprang out and said pick me, pick me, so my partner volunteered this treasure.

Portable CD Player

Portable CD Player

Status: Exempt

Kill-ratio: 27 to 3 or 9:1 Lazy crazy hazy days of summer (not quite,  I am wearing boots today on June the 1st).

Variations on Title:

Day 120 – Portable CD Player
Untitled CD Player No. 120

Untitled Joke of the Day: “Untitled No. 1,  I Thought You Bought More _______”

[ Untitled references are to be found in Day 118 – Untitled Cassette Tape’s post – scroll down to bottom ]