Clip on Earrings.

Clip-on earrings were apparently invented in the 1930s and ruled until the 1970s, when pierced earrings made a comeback. I also found out, aspiring fashionista that I am, that clip-ons are now so out they are in again. But who knows where the pendulum has swung since my source is from 2008?

For costume jewellery these have a pretty decent faceting on the green bits, to my untrained eye. I’ve worn these a few times. Not in a long time. I had them repaired once and there they have sat since.

Pirates wore pierced earrings.

Did pirates wear earrings?
….Yes. It was believed that piercing the ears with such precious metals as silver and gold improved one’s eyesight.” imponderables.

Clip on Earrings

Status:  Wear. Especially at Mad Men party. I can see the gesture of taking them off very clearly in my mind’s eye.

Then get that loupe out and see if any marks can be discovered. Maybe these are worth something? Hope springs eternal.

Kill-ratio: 33:2 ~17.1

Variation on Title: Day 119 – Clip-on Earrings

Untitled Joke of the Day: “Hey Untitled No. 4 Did You See My Earrings Anywhere? You Know the Ones With the …”

For what this  Untitled Nonsense  is all about see Day 118, which will refer you to all sources.

p.s. That powder at the bottom is from the compact. I shot these the same day and somehow it felt apropos.