Outdated Software

Old DVDs containing outdated software.

Cleaning out the CD/DVD drawer and came across these original, fully licensed versions of software that are now fully obsolete. At least for my mac (which itself is close to done and dusted) they are, they would probably still run on an older O/S. I think most software is sold as a download only now. So perhaps the whole concept of software cds/dvds is obsolete.

Outdated software

Status: Recycle. But first check Craigslist and see if there is any value and then sell. Or better still, donate. Need a few drops of good tech karma.

Kill-ratio: 28:2 or 14:1

Variations on Title:

Untitled No. 117 Software
Day 117 Untitled No. Software
Untitled No. 117 Software Still

See Day 116 for this titling thing.

Last night we came up with 4 Untitled Kid / Pet jokes. Ok, he did. I just laughed.

Thanks again to The Future is Papier Mache which lead me to the milkman’s post which is now an endless supply of variations of Untitled Jokes, possibly soon to become a titled project,  knitted or crocheted just to keep the non-parasitic hand in there.