Compact Case

Powder Compact. Still enough powder in there to reek and to powder your face were you not a wee bit of a germaphobe and worried about allergic reactions. Plus the colour is too pale.

A garage sale find. Like a crow, I was attracted to the hint of shininess of the surface. It might be silver-plate.


The title of this post is inspired by The Future is Papier Mache’s new titling system, as well as this post about titles.
It raises some questions for me, because first of all, a blog is all about being verbose, and to put these photographs out there as images with all these explanatory musings and diverse ramblings immediately removes them from the field of Art. And yet, some of them I may decide to print and put out there as Art,  and so then they will, by the Duchampian logic, become Art. So the question of how to title these posts – I’ve been going with the simple “Day #x, Literal Title of Object” format,  reminded me of that dilemma. (Is it art if you blog about it?)  For today, and perhaps in the future I will add the Untitled in front of the Literal Title. I could add the No to reference the date and remove the Day #x. There has to be a reason to keep going.

Either way, I will spend the rest of the evening coming about with variations of jokes on the “Untitled No 1 – you left your socks on the floor (again)”, “Untitled No 2 – Yes, you do have to eat your broccoli”**  even though I have no kids. They could even mutate into a new series of art works. You can run from your past but you can’t hide.


Status: This is a tough one. Photographing it reminds me why I was attracted to it in the first place. But really it is slightly grotesque, all that powder from the last century.

Kill-ratio: 23:3 or ~7:1 Low and lazy.

** You have to read the post about titles to get the joke.