SunBeam Toaster

Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster. Model T-40-1. 1960s

There is a website (surprise!) to help you date your Sunbeam toaster, as apparently there’s been some controversy on eBay about dating. That’s how I know this is from the 1960s, I might have been tempted to say 1950s.

T-40, T-40-1, VT-40. Model number stamped on bottom. Darkness control is now a sliding lever on front. “Radiant Control” … name plate above the darkness control lever.”  Date yours here.

SunBeam Toaster

It works. Sort of. If you don’t mind a little buzz. I asked the owner (my partner) if it works and he said “It works – it just needs a little tinkering”. Famous last words.
Sunbeam Toaster

Status: Another prop for the Mad Men party. Or maybe the Obsolescence Gods will be kind and allow it to be pushed out the door.

Kill-ratio: 28:3 or 9:1 Another lazy day.