Letterpress Letters

Letterpress Letters. Metal. Seems like some of them are made from zinc plate, judging by colour, not having any metallurgist pals nearby.

Letter Press City

There has been a revival of interest in letterpress printing – (apparently partially fueled by brides wanting that look).  “The goal before this revival was that you could not tell there was an impression, the type contacted the paper enough to transfer the ink but not leave an impression. However today, when speaking of letterpress, the goal is to have that impression be evident, to distinctly note that is letterpress.” I find this fascinating. We put all this energy into striving towards the cleanest, most pristine and clinical space/look, and then we achieve it, and then we don’t like it because it’s too cold, boring and everything looks the same.

Found a blog about typography, letterpress and history, with  a short film about a letterpress studio artist, Justin Knopp –  just posted a few days ago. If I had photographed these on Day 09 , I would not have been able to link to this. Aah, the joys of the interwebs.

Letter Press Letters Heart

Even though I quoted her just yesterday (?) it makes sense to re-quote her today.

“People Who Don’t Work With Their Hands Are Parasites” – Jenny Holzer, Truism.

Status: Not mine to decide. I would suggest building an alphabet city and creating a short stop-motion animation of the letterpress city.

Kill-ratio: 3 Takes.  ~18:1
Macro lens, wherefore art thou?

p.s. Today is a holiday. I’m going to watch Sherlock Holmes.