Day Timer

Day Timer, 2012. Blank after January 23rd. Used for notes before then.
Number of calendar entries: 0.

These little books are so adorable, I get suckered into buying them every year. Even though I’ve had that Apple thingamabob for ~ four years now.

They end up being used for grocery lists, notes, drawings/quick sketches. The 2010 edition (larger) is currently being used to list the numbers of the photos for this blog when I first import then. I have a list K/D (k= keep, d=delete) which I use to quickly delete a whole bunch before I start deciding which images to use. That’s also how I establish my kill ratio.

But for use as a day-timer, that’s got to be at least 7 years. Sigh.

Day Timer Closed

I found a notice by Kate on Bowen Island who lost her blue daytimer 3 years ago, and it was found and returned. The notice is still online.

Day Timer

Status: Use for daily drawing challenge I am currently participating in.

Kill-ratio: 18:3 / 6:1

( Lazy today, only one set of re-shoots).