Light Bulb

Frosted Incandescent Light Bulb. Purchased in 2011.

We have this lamp, a vintage one (are you surprised) that uses these types of light bulbs. So I think in 2011, but it may have been earlier, when they announced the upcoming ban on these types of lightbulbs I went out and purchased a few packs, because the lamp can’t take the newfangled types of bulbs.

Here’s why:


Bit dusty in there.


A thing of beauty when glowing

All the other bulbs in our place have been switched over to those swirly energy efficient bulbs, but this lamp must have its way.

Light bulb

Status: Keep of course. In fact, look for clear ones to photograph in order to see the filament.

Kill-ratio: 49:3 or ~16:1

File:Goebel lamp05.jpg

Heinrich Globel invented the 1st “true” lightbulb.