Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman SPORTS WM-AF54 Radio Cassette Player. Purchased ~1993 on sale. It was already a bit of a dinosaur by then.

It pains me to add the tag vintage to this, but there it is. 1993 is vintage. At least I think so, not sure who is determining what gets to belong in, and where, on the vintage / antique spectrum. And of course there’s the whole vintage refers to wine debate, but I’m not worried about that one.

There’s no question this little object, cute as it is and still vibrantly so sunshiney I feel cheerful,  is obsolete. It also works and if I cared to look, I would find there are cassettes floating about that could be played. They just haven’t been.


Sony Walkman

I’ll mention the “Retropod” project again (also referred to in Day 29’s Sony Walkman post)  which was shut down by Sony. It’s a shame they shut it down.

Status: The sea monster has her talons set to learn how to open the thing. Luckily the manual is online.

Manual Illustration


Sony Illo

Kill ratio: 38: 3 or 13:1 ( not counting the manual)