The Guide Handbook

The Guide Handbook. First Edition 1965 – Printed in Canada. Purchased at a garage sale primarily for illustrations and the elusive pull of it being a first edition.

The owner of this handbook signed it, in bold marker, in 1966. She presumably did not care about the value of first editions. I decided not to photograph her signature as a quick google (the signature is bright and clear in that pushy handwriting that comes with being 12) came up with only 3 results (! – she has a somewhat unique name) but is evidence that she is probably alive, even though this precious item from her childhood turned up in a garage sale on the West Coast and she (if the company info is correct) is from the East Coast. Stalking is a little too easy in this day and age.

Clove Hitch

I was never a girl guide and missed out on so many treasures of wisdom it seems. The gal who owned this book runs a fairly big company. I wonder if the Guides experience gave her some insight into running a business.

Status: Get that macro lens (dammit) and figure out a better way to hold this book up and photograph the pages closely.

Kill ratio: 59: 4 ~ 15:1

p.s.”1965: Age groups revised: Brownies 7 to 10; Guides 10 to 14; Rangers 14 to 18″  – Notable Dates

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