Wooden plane. ~200 years old.

A garage sale / flea market find by my mother. She is the queen of finding treasures at flea markets.
This is on “display” in our house, so not being neglected like some other items here were. It’s state of obsolescence ? — there’s no doubt it’s old and outdated. I suppose it could function if the blade was sharpened. There is a little part missing. I don’t know what part, but I found out about that at the Canadian Antiques Road Show. It’s also worth $200, about one dollar for every year of its existence (~2008 appraisal) – how about that?

I love it for its simplicity and strong form, but also for  the paint drops on the side. They are not associated with woodworking per se, but they add that layer of age that tells its own story.

Plane from Back


Status: Dust.

Kill ratio: 38:3 or ~13:1