Rogers Tea Set – Teapot, Creamer and Sugar.  Stamped 1881 Rogers Canada E.P.B. 560  on the bottom. 1881 is the pattern, not the date, but nonetheless it’s old. Procured at a garage sale.

This teapot has a very fat belly. It’s also quite wonky as you can see, billowing out and slightly off-balance. It almost looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. The inside is also badly tarnished, and I would say it shouldn’t be used. But that’s the germophobe within speaking.

Seeing as 1881 is the pattern, not tantalizingly the date (which would make it a true antique), thought I’d check out what was happening on May 12 in 1881.

The Treaty of Bardo was signed, giving France ” responsibility for the defence and foreign policy decisions of Tunisia” 1.
Did they drink tea while signing I wonder? Any visible tea stains?

Traite du Bardo

1st page of Treaty (from Wikipedia)

My knowledge of Tunisia is restricted to that song. See below. I did find a blog post on Kitchen Talks  bestowing the merits (and a recipe) of Tunisian Mint Tea . The pot looks rather like my Turkish coffee pot from Day 25..

Rogers Creamer

Rogers Teapot


Status: Technically not mine to make, but either sell or use in a set for a 5 minute short film re-imagining Alice in Wonderland.

Kill-ratio:      48:3 or 16:1

I realized the sugar jar got cut. Alas, it’s too late to re-shoot.



p.s. 100 Days! Feels like a celebration.