Letter Opener

Letter Opener. Made in Germany. Missing scissors.

Okay, I do occasionally use this beauty. So, although the process of opening mail (getting mail?) in such a fashion is no doubt obsolete, this object itself is not entirely useless.

Letter Opener

It’s very sharp and makes a satisfying sound when opening letters (provided I remember to unsheathe the knife).

I get less and less mail through the post. Bills mainly. Even that’s tapering off. I pay most of my bills online, still get a few of them through the postbox. Those few envelopes I do mail out tend to be birthday, sympathy and Christmas cards. Birthdays and Xmas tend to be emails mostly now too – an event requiring a sympathy card merits more than an email. I  did just send a letter to Las Vegas, but that’s another story. Plus it was not handwritten. I can’t remember the last time I got a letter from a friend. Or wrote one.

What will happen to all those researchers of the future who want to search through a famous author’s personal archives and all they have to do is press a button (assuming that author backed up their stuff and its not in an unreadable format) and find out all the juicy bits. How much more exciting to peruse correspondence with handwriting that you have to decipher.
Letter Opener

Status: Keep. It’s a beautiful object, even if hopelessly out of sync with the times.

Kill ratio: 63:3 or 21:1