Thermos Inside

1 Quart Alladin Hy-Lo Thermos. Made in Nashville, Tennesee.

This thermos was built to last. I don’t know how old it is ā€“ it was a gift to my partner and 2nd-hand when received, so I’d guess somewhere in the 1950s-60s? From the colours. Love the maroon and green combo. Makes me think of a baseball team’s uniform, although I can’t verify at the baseball hall of fame website if such a colour combination was ever used. Seeing as I think this is circa 1954, I searched and found that Edie Files, a baseball pitcher with the Philadelphia Atlantics, died on this day (May 10th) is 1954.
Thermos Top

Thermos Top

Thermos Alladin Bottom



Made to last but still got rusty.

Status: Not mine to decide. I would advise seeing if a new liner will do the trick, otherwise seek out a duplicate.

Kill-ratio: Using the most images I’ve used so far in a post, but then I took more too:)
I’ve left the studio now, so this is a guestimate, but I’ll say 14:1

RIP Edie Files – May 19, 1883 – May 10, 1954