Knitting Needles

Bunch of metal knitting needles. Some pairs, some odd men out. Possibly the kind Ms. Marple used.

Semi-vintage, in that  the double-pointed end ones were purchased only a few years ago at Zellers, but the rest were mainly gifts from two of my Aunts (both passed, RIP). I’ve taken up knitting again in the last few years. It’s quite fun. I am decidedly unambitious though, having only a few hats,  and one cable-knit scarf that closes with a (wood) button under my belt as anything remotely complex to knit. Other than that it’s been dishcloths only.

What I learned when entering a knitting store a few years ago is that these type of metal knitting needles are very passé indeed. Along with plain ol’ wool – nowadays it’s all hand dyed, hand spun wool made from sheeps fed organic grass. With a price to match.  Bamboo seems to be the way to go for the modern knitter. So I dutifully bought packs of eco-friendly bamboo needles to use – much more comfortable and imbued with a pretty warmth.

These remaining hodge podge of needles still hang around – awaiting a larger project requiring long needles.

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles

Status: Feed to sea monster, donate the rest.

Kill-ratio: 40:3 or 13. 1 down from yesterday.

p.s. In case anyone’s noticed in pic #1, those rubber bands tied around the double-pointed needles are my cheap way of keeping the wool from falling off. I’m sure there’s something fancier out there.

p.p.s I did once use knitting in my art practice, Sheryl Crowbot’s legs had knitted knickers on them. You have to scroll down page and click through to image #3 to see them. Soon, very soon, I will migrate my website to a proper CMS, at the same time as I have scanned all the old slides. And then I could link directly to the robot project post. Absolute deadline is September 30th. I’m committed now.