Glass Jar w/ Partial Lid

Improved GEM Glass Canning Jar, Canada. Missing Lid. 1 Quart size?

We have quite a few of these jars, they are fantabulous and we use them for storing rice, beans etc. This one, though is missing the glass lid and rubber seal. So it’s essentially useless for that purpose. It very occasionally gets called to duty as a spare flower vase, but it’s not that often there are that many flowers hanging about that a spare is required.

Did once spend quite a bit of time searching for a replacement lid, and was unlucky.

I like the way the lettering on the glass is raised and the kind of image they call up – canning or storing things for the long winter ahead. The zinc cover for the lid is rather fetching too.

Glass Jar on Its Side

Bottom of Glass Jar

Status: Target a date for a renewed search for the matching lid.

Kill-ratio: 45:3 or 15:1

As of today I’m adding this new status (kill-ratio). How many images are taken vs how many used.
Read more about it at the bottom of  yesterday’s post.