Unknown Cable

Cable of Unknown Origin.

On the bottom of the round capped end, there is  unpeeled 3-m sticky tape (not shown).
It is a mystery to me as to what this is for, but perhaps if I peel the tape it will be revealed.

It was  a tiny bit of an internal struggle to remove the wire holding it all together. It was so perfectly wound up.

Unknown Cable 2

As it unfolds, it springs to life.

Unknown Cable Drawing

Status: There is no going back and getting it to fold up all tidily, so doing an animated gif of the unfolding (which came to me as an idea later) is out. Although I do have quite a few images of this. So… Peel and Reveal.

Unknown Cable Drawing

Discarded Layers

p.s. Been thinking a lot of the concept of a kill-ratio, where you kill most of the ideas/concepts/whatever that come to the table first and then you’re left with the “one”, or the few. With project Obso, I end up shooting (the luxury of digital photography) dozens or gadzillions of images, and then the task at hand is to get a good kill-ratio. The out of focus ones are the easiest to murder of course, as are the not so well lit, and the ones with little bits of stuff in the background I didn’t notice are also fairly easy to discard. Then the task becomes more harder. Obso is helping me get better at this, but it’s still a challenge..

What is your kill-ratio like?