Waffle Iron

General Electric Automatic Grill Waffle Baker.

Another garage sale find. We used it a lot. But then one day it got super smoky and it’s a job for Mr. Clean or someone with superpowers to clean it, so it’s sat there (outside on the balcony) for at least a year.  It did make perfectly formed waffles.

Waffle Iron Open

While photographing the inside, I noticed how it looks a bit like a television screen. Perhaps that will be its future use. Projections on waffle iron.

Waffle Iron From Back

Notice the dust.

Status: Technically not mine, so I am spared the burden of decision. However, I am glad it’s out the door and no longer on the balcony. It can meditate on the floor in the studio for a few days, as it muses on its future identity. Perhaps it wants to be a screen, but it might also be tired and want to go the recycling depot.