Box of Gepe Slide Mounts

Box of 100 Gepe 2mm Glassless Slide Mounts. Approximately 75 mounts remaining in box.

Gepe is a Germany company, so it’s no surprise these things are really well built. They are still selling them I noticed, for the princely sum of 7.95 Euros. So I could let this box go.

Why keep the blanks when the ones that are actually in use are borderline useless? There is no logic to these things. It’s the eternal hope that I will become more organized and properly archive  all slides (not just art documentation ones, but parental unit ones that linger about somewhere as well).

Glassless Slide Mounts

A small stack. Not the full 75.

Box of Gepe Slide Mounts

Status: Evaluate how many unmounted or mounted in non-archival slides there actually are remaining. Then donate remainder to an art school. If they still use slides, yikes.
There’s also the possibility of making a bigger stack, or tower , of them and making a little quick time that monitors them as they eventually topple over.

p.s Blog Update – for regular readers.

Today is Day 90! 3 times the original 30 day blogging goal of this wee experiment. I was asked last night how much longer I would go on with this project. She said she was enjoying it (thanks Kate!) and I said maybe, just maybe I could squeeze a whole year out of it. Not an additional 365 days, but the balance. For now however, I will guestimate at least 90 more days.