Solo Microfilter

Bag of four 2Wire DSL MicroFilters. Came with the installation of internet at the stuffice.

Until this photo op, these were never opened. I didn’t know what they were for, they just came in the box with the modem. Turns out they should be filtering the telephone signal to the modem, if I understand Wikipedia correctly. But then again, the space where the phone jack is installed is not easily accessible, so I’m hopeful the technician did it and these are just extras.

I’ll keep one away from the sea monster just in case it’s needed as a backup.

Bag of Microfilters

Status: The sea monster has already placed dibs on these. She’ll have to make do with three now. Nicer balance with 3.

p.s. New tag added for sea monster. Some day she will come together, especially as she’s already laid claim to a few of these obsolescing things.