wine holder thing

Stamped “Primrose Plate E.P. Brass 74” We use it for holding bottles of wine.

Occasional use that is, which is why it makes its appearance here. I read a book about clutter, okay several books about clutter, and they all emphasize this bit about actually using stuff. Once in a blue moon use qualifies the object as clutter.

I’m not sure if its original purpose is for holding a wine decanter, but searching around for the Primrose Plate E.P. brass brings up wine related things, so I don’t think I’m too far off.

When I asked my partner if he got it at a garage sale, he said “That’s yours isn’t it”. So, a new tag gets added today – “origin unknown”.

Wine Decanter Holder Thingamabob

Status: It ain’t necessarily so. (super occasional use = clutter). So, Keep, defiantly.