#projectGetFit has rendered this pedometer obsolete. That is, for said project I purchased a running app ( has a few shortcomings, but generally it’s worth the princely sum) and gradually noticed I didn’t need the pedometer anymore.

Also it’s no longer counts the steps or kms properly. Gives a huge inaccuracy for distance, under-reporting kms, so not the type of inaccuracy that makes you feel good. I hung onto it because I’ve had quite a few of these (Momemtum pedometers) all from Mountain Equipment Co-op. They always inevitably break – the clip falls off, or they start becoming inaccurate after too many falls. But I faithfully stuck with the brand because it’s cheap and super easy to use.

It’s not only that the GPS app replaces the technology of the pedometer, which is based upon your hip movement (that changes if you are running or walking of course), it’s that I (ta dum) finally feel on the road to fitness, and getting my 10,000 steps is built into my life, I don’t need the thing sticking out from my belt to remind me to exercise.

So, au revoir momentum, but thanks for the memories.


Status: Print and Frame photo.