Instructions Singer Manual

Instructions Fashion Mate Zig-Zag Sewing Machine/Model 237. Copyright 1968 the Singer Company. Printed in Italy.

What’s new for tomorrow is at SINGER today!

I wonder why they had to outsource the printing to Italy?

This is the remnants of a gift – a friend gave me the sewing machine for this old model, which I believe I gave back to her? Gosh, how awful I can’t remember. That’s the thing about gifts. You feel like you should display them, keep them in a special place, or at the very least remember all the details.

I do remember I got into sewing for a while, but with this machine the bobbin was broken or something, and I couldn’t fix it.

Singer Manual Detail

The manual has an aesthetic I really enjoy. It’s the same era as the napkin holder, I would think – definitely Mad Men.

Singer Manual Detail

Status: This is singing out for a macro lens. Reason #8 I think for purchase. Perhaps I’ve skipped one. Now I will have to start saving as I only need 10 reasons to justify purchase of lens. Every page of this beauty should be re-photographed.