Photo of Capilano Suspension Bridge

Old Photo of Capilano Suspension Bridge – 1940s-50s?

This was part of the same ephemera flea market find that has started me with a new hobby (collecting old postcards).  I can find a few old pics of the Suspension Bridge on the official website, and some at the City of Vancouver archives, but not from this exact angle, which would help me pinpoint the date.

I like that the mom (?) (closest to daughter) is wearing trousers and that the daughter is not looking at the camera, something has caught her attention.

Alas, unlike the captain on board the 29th batallion, there is nothing written on the back of the photograph. Which, I suppose, does have some merits, in that the mind can wander.

Photo of Capilano Suspension Bridge Close up

Status: Search for a pair of women’s slacks like these.