Photo of Captain on Ship

Captain of the 29th Battalion on Board Ship. Purchased at an antiques flea market.
Because I bought this in Vancouver, I’m assuming this the ship is Canadian. Here’s the Wikipedia entry for the 29th batallion. also known as Tobin’s Tigers.

Back of Photo Inscribed

The inscription on the back is precious. Notice (she?) says old George is as fat as ever. Standards of fatness were different in 1915.

I purchased these with several other paper ephemera that day. I almost felt conned, or suckered in, and they have all sat neglected in an envelope these last two years. Taking this photo out in particular feels like the purchase was well worth the nominal investment.

Photo of Captain Detail

Status: Decipher last name of fat George and see if I can find any history of him. And if it does say “Dad” beside the word “Capt.” find out  who Dad was.