Kodak Carousel

Kodak Carousel 750H Slide Projector.

Kodak has an archive site of all their projectors. Funnily  enough the first sentence on the page is “Where to buy lamps for obsolete projectors”.  There are about a dozen of this particular model of projectors on eBay right now, from a low of $20 to a high of $129.99. I would like to see the stats on sales over the last five or so years. Have they gone up or down? Who is buying them– are they slide hoarders, artists, galleries, hobbyists?

Like the Eumig C5 Camera, I’m borrowing from my partner’s beauties to include in this quest for obsolescence. It still functions, and we still have slides, both the art documentation type, and the travel type. There is even an old roll out screen for viewing (another beauty for another day). But it has been sitting idle for quite a long time.
And the slides are supposed to be scanned.

Carousel Tray

Status: As said object is not “mine”, I am released from giving it a designation. But, if I did I would say throw a slide party, invite all those with dusty slides to show off their treasures (max 10 each) and then make it a scanning party too. Someone loads the carousel tray, another unloads and scans, and another figures out how to recycle the debris.