Scottish Doll from Behind

Scottish Doll. 6″ with cap on.

His pipes have become detached.  Otherwise, he is in decent shape. Plastic. His eyes close when he is laid down. His arms are articulated, but I looked and the rubber that holds them together looks very thin, so not much movement left in the little chap.

A gift from one of my parent’s friends from their travels. I was probably a bit old for dolls, but it was (and re-discovered he remains) much appreciated.

Scottish Doll

His cupid lips are hand-painted on, quite delicious. Borderline kinky. I know I didn’t paint them on – so they must have been there from the start.

Scottish Doll Face

Status: Admire. Keeping him wrapped in tissue paper didn’t protect him from losing his bagpipes. So he may as well be on display.