VHS tapes

VHS Tapes – Master copies of a video art piece from 2003.

Considering it happened in this century, I’m not sure why I didn’t have the tapes mastered to DVD. But it might have been the production studio that did the work that suggested it – or the gallery where I showed the work. Either way, I think these are the last 2 VHS tapes I own.

I once taped every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on  VHS, and came so close to selling the collection on Craigslist not that long ago, but I was missing one or two shows, and the buyer balked. Finicky folks, these collectors.

VHS tapes

These tapes, along with several art projects (by myself and others) on CDs are truly unplayable. I think I like the notion that they are playable in some analog museum, or a parallel universe. A few summers ago at Block Buster they were promoting renting VHS tapes by saying if you rented them you didn’t need to return them. They might even have been 1/2 price. We didn’t take them up on the offer.

Status: Keep for a time machine.