Tea pot

Partial Chinese Tea Set: 6 saucers, 5 spoons, 1 cup, 1 set of sugar tongs,  1 teapot w/ missing lid, and 1 serving tray. MIA is the sugar bowl, which also had a lid.

One of the cups is chipped, and you can see that it might be made of wood, with heavy lacquer on top, as opposed to it sort of seems like plastic at first glance. They are very light. Once, our landlord who is Chinese, and can read the language, looked at the markings on the bottom, but he was unable to identify what it says. It’s a globe with some characters. Perhaps it says “Made in China”.
Tea Cup

Most of the sheen on these is completely grungy now, this saucer best shows it in full glory. It too is fading away though. Why I like this set is for both the memory of my mom having tea-leaf reading parties, the feeling of ceremony they evoke, and  for the exquisite painting. Each scene is similar, but unique.

Tea Cup Saucer

Status: Keeping serving tray – it is very useful. Does the maker’s mark merit some more research and then sell them, or are they merely broken parts to be donated to the Sally Ann?