Greek Doll

Greek Doll. (It says Rhodos on the front of her apron.)

“Rhodus (Ancient Greek: Ῥόδος) also known as Rhode was the goddess of the island of Rhodes and wife of Helios, she was the daughter of Aphrodite and Poseidon. ” [Wikipedia – this is the full entry]

The image on her apron suggests she might only be from Rhodos, rather than be her, but I prefer to imagine her as Rhodos, even though I know very little about Greek mythology.

She is a classic doll sold for the tourist market. Like her Turkish pal, she also sports a rather fetching fez. Hers is in much better shape, the gold band fully intact.

Greek Doll detail

Thanks to A tale of few cities, I learned that the animated gif is 25 years old this year. To celebrate here is Rhodos dancing:

Greek Doll animated gif

[ She will stop after 7 spins. ]

Status: Snap a few close up pics of her smeared lips (reason #4 for macro lens), and then incorporate into sea monster. After all, she was a sea nymph once. Also, brush up on Greek mythology.

p.s. For daily readers, I did add another pic to yesterday’s makeup bag.